Let's Launch Some Birds




With our recent endeavors in hunt testing we have come to realize that we are going to need some good equipment.  We have been blessed with enough land to train on, but unfortunately I can only throw a duck about

20 yards. Our dogs have quickly surpassed a 20 yard mark and we need to challenge them.  In order to do that we are going to be

purchasing bird launchers.  These will give us the opportunity to train at a higher level and simulate exact hunt test scenarios. We are

still researching the right system for our needs, but will be purchasing a system shortly.

We will also be creating a variety of training areas on our property to include both land

and water training.  We will keep you posted as soon as the launchers come in and we have them deployed in the field.

Ask us about training, as we will be ready to

go shortly.


Summer (Left) and her mom Rosie (Right) retrieving ducks on our creek.

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